Visentin Leathergoods


The project

Visentin Leathergoods is a local leathergoods design and manufacturing company with craftsmanship that comes from more than 25 years of industry experience. Visentin Leathergoods came to Picton Parrot Designs with an existing, though outdated brand. We were tasked with bringing their existing brand into the modern age while developing a sleek, classy brochure design to showcase their excellent quality products.

The result

As part of the design process, we were provided with a range of product images to use within the brochure, while keeping the number of pages to a minimum. The trick was to bring an expensive feel to the brand while keeping costs to a minimum. In the end, we created a 24-page self-cover booklet which shows off the beautiful range of products Visentin Leathergoods has on offer.

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